Monday, May 14, 2012


Perhaps you will never know how grateful we are.
Your texts, phone calls, e-mails, dinners, thoughts and prayers,

plates of cookies on our door step,

And last

but not least


have meant to us.
WE love you.

and so does Kelly.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Perhaps you will never know how grateful we are. Your texts, phonecalls, voicemails, emails, dinners, thoughts and prayers,
 and last
but not least

have meant the WORLD to us.

and Kelly does too.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Most Beautiful Day

It was coming to the weekend of Cinco De Meyo. Chase left out of town on Wednesday for work and of course I was going to be missing him. So was baby. He always held my tummy at night. I felt like I was just starting to show. I talked to him the night before he left about how big my belly was getting and debated if I wanted to take pictures of the progress. Because I didn't feel "prepared" we didn't. It's ok but now I wish we would have:) About a month ago the morning sickness went away. It was my first time I was over the morning sickness and chase was going to be gone. I had planned on surprising him with a new coffee table when he got home so I knew I would be busy while he was gone!( I broke our other one and it was our fav! ) During this month I was in to finding free furniture on ksl and having chase make it look pretty but it goes so fast so you have to stalk the website! Between that, work, and cleaning I was going to be so busy and before I knew it Chase would be home from a long weekend away! But unfortently the weekend wasn't quite like I had planned. It was Thursday evening and like always I was on the phone with Chase before bed. I felt a little cramp but thought nothing of it. When mentioned it to Chase he asked if I was ok and then told me not to worry. I agreed and we went on with our conversation. I went to bed and found myself waking up early in the AM . At that point I knew something was wrong. I called Chase right away and he told me to just make an appointment right away when the doctors opened, try to stay calm and not stress since that could possibly stress the baby. I called my mom, my sister, and started to get ready for the day. At 4am. Haha. I try to think as positive as possible and thought NOTHING could be wrong so I should just plan on going to work. When I left my house it was 7am and I just thought I would go to work and if I could go to the midwife I would just wait till after work. As I was a few blocks from my house on my way to work I talked to my sister Maria who was also very positive but told me to go to the doctor right away and not go into work. Without hesitation I called my midwife and told her what was happening. She was still sleeping but said, "meet me at my office in 30 minutes." EVERYTHING is running through my head...could this be happening? is everything ok? what is wrong with my baby? What did I do wrong? and then it enters my head, everything will be ok. Nothing could be wrong. If you know me well,  I am baby crazy. I would sneak out of primary class to go to the nursery to play with the babies. lol! I have been ready to have a baby to call ours and to hold since the day we got married. Well I get to my appointment and my midwife checks for the heartbeat but there was nothing. She wasnt too worried and then checked a couple other things. I was dialated at a 4 and only 19 weeks and 4 days along. It was at that point she told me it didn't look good but we will go get an ultrasound and see. At that moment, I cried. I called my mom, I called Chase, and he was on the next flight. My sister Maria was going to fly out if Chase couldn't get here and to just be support. Thank you, Maria. Again all the questions run through my head but I tried my best to stay positive. When I had my first ultra sound she was moving all around, waiving her hands, and so wiggly and active. This time, was different. My little angel layed there so sweet. The tech wasnt saying anything. And I still had HOPE. It was silent in the room and as my tears fell I asked if everything was ok. It was at that moment I was told that our little baby no longer had a heartbeat and I would have her later today. I still was in disbelief and couldn't understand how this could be happening and what I did wrong. Chase was boarding the plane when I got this news and was going to get to me sooner than later but I just wanted him there right then. Shortly after all of this I went back to the birthing center. Sure enough, I was having my baby. The contractions kicked in. And even after contractions I was STILL could not believe it. I layed in bed,cried, talked with my midwife, and texted the people I was closest to. My girlfriends from work were texting me and I shared the news. They asked me where I was and they would have dinner for us. It was something I was ok without, food was the last thing on my mind. The weather was gorgeous and there was a craft store across the street so I walked over there to enjoy the day, call my family, and just hope the time would pass so I could be with Chase. During this time I spoke with my mother in law and she cried with me. She told me she just sent a package of maternity clothes for Mother's Day. I forgot this weekend was Mother's day. I love celebrating Mother's Day. My mom has been the best mom to us and one day I was going to be just like her. To make all of this a little better, Chase got to me. He hugged me. We cried and I said I was sorry. Why was I apologizing you wonder? Because it is one thing in life I felt 100% responsible for and somehow I didn't do good enough. Like I failed. He comforted me. Told me everything I needed to hear. And he too was in disbelief. He and I enjoyed the weather and went for a walk. We talked about if it would be a boy or a girl, what our little baby would look like, and our faith. We knew everything would somehow be ok. We are an eternal family. We talked to my mom and she also reminded us everything will be ok and Heavenly Father knows what is best. She is so positive and said just what we needed. My contractions were off and on and got worse and worse. I was scared but Chase made everything perfect. Even though our world seemed to be crashing down. As I mentioned earlier my girlfriends from work said they would bring dinner. Sure enough, they did. And it was such a blessing. Even though we were so sick to our stomachs and not hungry at all, we still ate. It was heaven sent. Thank you Julie and Mandy. We really were starving but didn't even realize it. Sure enough in the middle of night, our little girl was born at 2:22am. It was a girl:) We held her, talked with her, and cried some more. We weren't sure we were going to name her but she was much more than just a baby to us. We named her Kelly:) Those of you that sent cards and flowers, texted, called, brought dinner....THANK YOU. We love and appreciate you. Because of you, it was the most beautiful day it could have been.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Lights Will Inspire You!

Chase and I were orignally going to Vegas on a Sunday night to meet up with The Durling's but unfortunetly we didn't get on 2 different flights because they were soo full! Chase and I were on his laptop looking at different options and where else we should go for the night. My girlfriend Jessica and her hubby were driving through Colorado and we thought about meeting them there. By the time we looked up those flights we quickly realized that all the flights out to Colorado had already left for the night. Along with so many other places! We didn't know what to do. We thought for a second we could just go home?! Until Chase had a brilliant idea! He looks at the screen that shows outbound flights to see what flights are going out for the rest of the night since it was already 9pm. He had the look of a little kid in a candy store when he turns to me as I am sitting at the gate.... "Babe want to go to NEW YORK?!?" I loved it! We weighed out all our options...the weather, where to sleep, how much it would cost, etc. Our agenda? Take the red eye to NYC and sleep on the plane. Spend the day in NYC doing anything and everything we could, with a weather forcast of 77 degrees, and fly home that night! That is exactly what we did! We flew to NYC. Hopped on the train down to the city....                                  

                                              Went to Times Square,
   Walked the streets, 
visited Guillaume, a man that changed my life:),
 ate at a cute little restaurant 'Alice's Tea Cup' (A must!) and caught our flight back home that night. I had been morning sick the entire morning but as the day went on it got much better! At Alice's Tea Cup I got a  cup of herbal ginger tea and it worked miracles. Prior to that I got SO sick on the train I hopped off at random stop and threw up right then and there. I gave Chase little to no notice to get off the train but he seemed so prepared fo the moment. Not embarrased at all. Rubbing my back. Telling me everything would be ok. When I am sick I get very embarrased throwing up. Even in front of Chase. It is just something others should not have to see! Well, this was during traffic hour and a lady can obviously see what is happening. She starts talking extremely loud and telling everyone. "OH! SHE SICK!" repeatedly. Chase tells her as quiet as possible that I was pregnant(we were at least 6 feet away). Im sure she thought I had a hangover or something. Again she keeps saying it super loud until she hears Chase say again, "no she is just pregnant!" Like I mentioned, in the moment, I was embarrased, I know what had to have been going through AT LEAST 50% of those peoples heads. But now we can't stop laughing about that experience. Chase and I were grateful to take a fun little trip before the baby comes and we felt like we were on our Honeymoon all over again...(I did at least;))! We just loved every second of it! I will be forever grateful for Chase's brilliant idea to fly to New York. It is yet another memory that makes my heart smile:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

The First Trimester

I thought it would be the best of times. But all because of Caeser Salad, Chinese food, with a little bit of flying it has sometimes not been exactly what I thought;) I wasn't sick for the first 8 weeks was absolutely wonderful and then BOOM! I ate Caeser salad and hugged the toilet for 24hours straight. I later read that Caeser Salad dressing is a no no because of the raw egg. If I only knew! It was the first thing that really made me sick. From that point on, one thing after another...PF Changs, Chipotle, Sam Pan, BLT's, bean burrito's, apple juice....etc! Baby strongly dislikes. One night I met the Sister Missionaries I served with and we went to dinner at FIVE GUYS. Within minutes of driving away I got sick! What I crave? Potatoes! Poor Chase, potato patties, mashed potatoes, potatoes fried in olive oil with a side of ketchup, and the list goes on!!! One day I had all 3 of those things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! and so did Chase! He teases me about it but what he doesn't tell people is that he was so grateful for the food. That's one reason I love him so much. He is always grateful for everything I cook. My first flight being pregnant was to Minnesota to tell our parent's the exciting news and Chase was going to be having surgery. I didn't get sick on the way there because I was flying with Chase but I did on my way home. I had to fly back early because I was starting my job with Delta. Chase was going to be having surgery. On the way there, the flight offered fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and I gave mine to Chase. I am trying to do everything to eat healthy. For a snack Chase always asks me what I wanted and thought what was best for baby. See why he is going to be such a good dad? He is so caring and the baby isn't even born yet. If it is healthy he will ask me if I want it since I pass off the junk to him. Although, as time went on in the pregnancy I have just ate whatever sounds good. Including unhealthy junk. The morning sickness lasted approximately 8 weeks and now that I am almost 20 weeks I definitely don't feel sick or crave much of anything. Potatoes were definitely a faze!:) I just feel blessed to not be sick 24/7 like some women. Either way, the little morning sickness is a small moment in time and the outcome is what makes all of this worth it!:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

11 weeks and counting

March 7th, 2011

Chase's eye's filled with tears...I couldn't stop smiling and it became more real.
We saw our baby kick, wave its arms, and blow us a Doesnt it look like the lips are puckered up?! When we sent this picture to my mother in-law she said it looks like a girl already! Chase is going to be the best dad. I tell him daily. I am so blessed and life gets better and better each day. I never knew life could be soo good. Boy or girl? We wont know for another 6 months but we are so thrilled to find out!


It was a Sunday evening, January 16th, 2011 to be exact. I had some Sister's from the mission over for dinner and it was so much fun. Chase went to our friend's so it could "just be us girls" and it was so good to just talk and catch up!  After they left I took a pregnancy test just because I could and it was only 1 line which means you are not pregnant. I threw it away, went to bed, and thought nothing of it. Until the next morning I got to throw away a Q-TIP and I noticed something I didn't see the night before..2 lines?! What?! I took it out of the garbage and surprise!! There were really 2 lines. They say a pregnancy test is void after 10 minutes so I took another one just to make sure. Sure enough instead of this something like this (-) there was this (=)...for the 2nd time. So Monday was Presidents Day and Chase had to work. I had not yet started with Delta so I had a brilliant idea of telling Chase by making a video with the song from Brad Paisley "Anything Like Me". The first couple times I heard it I knew that is how I wanted to tell Chase he was going to be a daddy! I just needed the day to do it! He got off early and I was bummed because I was not finished gathering every picture to fit the lyrics of the song! I held it in all day thinking I could finish the video later in the day by telling him I had to finish a project for his birthday!:) So that is exactly what I did! Before I knew it the night had come and gone and I was not finished with placing the pictures in the exact spot! Since I could not hold it in till the next day I told him by writing on our bathroom mirror #1DAD times 2. He was watching T.V. and all throughout every commercial I would ask him if he was ready for bed. It seemed like 10 hours later I heard him start to come up the stairs and into our bedroom. I stayed by the bed and waited for him to proceed into our bathroom. That was the moment. He turned the light on. Studied the mirror. Was a little confused. Asked me if I was pregnant as his eyes were filling with tears face.  I'm not sure if mine were at the moment or not! It was such a memorable moment and yes...we are having a baby!
Here is the final video I showed Chase the next day...

D is for DELTA!

5 weeks of training has come and gone! We had a total of 4 tests and needed to average a total of 85 to pass the training class. Thankfully, test after test, and day after day I passed! Chase would help me study my city codes and was very supportive. He was also proud of me:) I felt like I was in Kindergarten! We started training January 24th and now we are strictly taking phone calls! Yes, I get paid for talking on the phone:) Such a blessing! It is the simple joys in life that make me count my many blessings!!;)